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What is the population sample size?   The standardization sample for the SEE® included more than 800 students selected from across the United States. This sample closely resembles the U.S. Census Bureau Data for 2007.
What ages does the SEE® assess?  The SEE® assesses the receptive and expressive social skills of children ages 6;0–12;11.
Does the SEE® have norm-referenced scores?  Yes. The SEE® has separate z-scores and percentile ranks for receptive, expressive, and total raw scores.
How long does it take to administer the SEE®?  It takes 20 to 25 minutes to administer the SEE®.
Does the SEE® have separate scores for students with autism spectrum disorders or language/learning disabilities?   Yes. There are z-scores and percentile ranks for each of these clinical groups.
How do I use the caregiver/teacher questionnaire?   You may use the questionnaire as a screen to see if you need to administer the entire test or to confirm test results.
Where can I go to see the forms for the test?   Click here to view the forms.
Can I preview the complete SEE® kit?   Yes. Have the supervisor of your district, school, or speech department fax your request on company/school letterhead (1-800-978-7379), and we will send you a review copy. You may also email the request to Customer Help at customerhelp@superduperinc.com, or contact Customer Help at 1-800-277-8737.
Do you offer training for the SEE® test?   Click here to view training information.
What is included in the SEE® kit?   The complete SEE® kit includes:
    • Examiner’s Manual
    • Stimulus Easel
    • 30 Response Forms
    • 60 Social-Emotional Questionnaires
    • 30 Score-Summary and Profile Forms
    • Auditory Stimulus CD
What is a SEE® Response Analyzer?  The SEE® includes an online Qualitative Response Analyzer that saves you time by calculating percentages for the parent/caregiver and the educator/specialist questionnaires. The Response Analyzer will not calculate normative data (standard scores, etc.). It produces qualitative reports to help you establish intervention goals. Click here to go to the SEE® Response Analyzer.