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Requesting a Desk Copy for a University
If you are a university professor who is considering using one of the following Super Duper texts for your courses, please write or fax us for a complimentary copy. (See instructions below)
TP-297 Autism-A Guide for Educators, Clinicians and Parents by Dr. Robert Buckendorf
START-22 START-IN Book and CD-ROM by Dr. Judy Montgomery and Dr. Barbara Moore-Brown

Instructions for Ordering a Desk Copy
All requests must be signed and on official university letterhead. (Sorry, no phone, Internet, or email requests will be honored.)

Please fax your request to Casey Scott at 864-284-4526 and include:
  • Title of Textbook Requested
  • Name
  • Email (Required)
  • Address (No P.O. boxes, please, be certain to include city, state, and ZIP code)
  • Institution/University
  • Daytime Phone/Fax
  • Course Name
  • Current Text
  • Approximate Enrollment
  • Course Dates
  • Decision Date
You can also request a copy by mail. Write to Super Duper Publications, Attn: Casey Scott,
P.O. Box 24997, Greenville, SC 29616.

If you are considering more than one textbook, please provide the above-requested information for each title on a separate sheet of official university letterhead.