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Super Duper® Publications publishes materials primarily for speech-language pathologists, special educators, general education teachers, occupational therapists, and parents, to help children with special needs and language delays.
We have a number of free informational articles called Handy Handouts® that cover a range of educational issues. Just go to www.handyhandouts.com, click on your area of concern, and print out the articles you find helpful.
Here are some questions we frequently get regarding tests and testing.
Why is my child taking a standardized test?
The standardized test helps to measure how much your child is learning and progressing in a given area.
What are standardized tests?
Standardized tests help to measure a child’s abilities. There are norm- and criterion-referenced tests. All children taking the standardized test take the same exact test.
What is the difference between a norm-referenced and criterion-referenced test?
Norm-referenced tests measure performance against peers. Criterion-referenced tests measure mastery of skills.
What standardized tests does Super Duper have?
Super Duper has standardized tests in the following areas:
Do you have any tests in Spanish?
Yes, we have two bilingual assessments: