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ARK’s Z-Grabber is an innovative tool that combines the vibration and versatility of the Z-Vibe with the chewable loop of the Grabber. Use Z-Vibe interchangeable tips with the Z-Grabber.
For individuals who crave vibration and sensory stimulation from the Z-Vibe, use the Z-Grabber to transition them into working on biting and chewing skills with the textured tip and chewable loop. For individuals who enjoy tactile input from the Grabber, use the Z-Grabber for added sensory input and to transition them into using the various tips of the Z-Vibe to work on speech and feeding skills. The loop can also be used as a handle for added convenience.
The Z-Grabber can always be used in the off position without vibration. Turn the Z-Grabber on for an additional sensory input with smooth, gentle vibrations. Vibration provides a level of sensory stimulation to increase awareness and to draw more acute attention to the articulators.
The Z-Grabber is made of medical grade, FDA-compliant materials that contain NO lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex.
AG531 -  Z-Grabber™ $39.50 
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