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ARK Grabber XT

Grape-Scented 3-Pack

Grades PreK and Up

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The new ARK Grabber XT smells grape…oops, we mean great, too. Get the same X-tra tough mouthing toy with a yummy grape scent! The XT Grape is 5" long and ¾ " in diameter, pliable, and resilient. Easy to clean and FDA approved too!
Use the XT:
  • To work on jaw movements necessary for chewing.
  • To stabilize the jaw during speech and articulation exercises.
  • For tongue exploration and exercises. Trace the inside/outside of the loop or push against it.
  • For intra-oral stimulation for children of all ages.
WARNING! Although these chew tools are tough and durable, aggressive chewing can cause damage. Please supervise at all times and replace if the item shows signs of wear and tear.
AG600 -  ARK Grabber XT Grape-Scented 3-Pack $27.95 
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