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Go Talk 9+

Assistive Technology Communication Device

All Ages

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Go Talk 9+ is a lightweight and portable assistive technology device designed for even the youngest of users. This sturdy, new communication aid has a 45 message capacity (using 9 keys, each 13/4" x 21/4") and five recording levels. There are three "core messages" displayed at the top of the board which remain the same on each level, eliminating the need for re-recording on every card. Go Talk 9+ provides great sound quality and easy volume control. Recording is simple with the sequential recording key, built-in overlay storage, and easy erase features.
Operates using 2 AA batteries (included) and has a total record time of 8.5 minutes (8-15seconds per message). 9" x 12" x 11/8". Weighs 23 oz.
ATT09 -  Go Talk 9+ $179.00 
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