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Webber's® Jumbo Articulation Drill Book

by Sharon G. Webber, M.S. and M. Thomas Webber, Jr. - Grades PreK and Up

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Is there any other reproducible drill book that gives you 1,710 articulation word-pictures plus thousands of individual words, phrases and sentences? Only this Jumbo, Huge, Immense, (did we say really BIG?) 484-page Webber's Jumbo Artic Book has everything you need. Save countless hours of searching for therapy pages and use that time to teach. This unrivaled comprehensive volume has:
  • Word lists, pictures, phrase lists, and sentences in initial, medial and final positions for these sounds: R, S, L, (R, S, L Blends, initial only), Z, SH, CH, TH (voiced and unvoiced), F, V, K, G, P, B, T, D, J, H, M, N, and Y.
  • 6,420 target words! 3,120 phrases! 3,120 sentences!
  • 1,710 delightful illustrations with open-ended instructions on all worksheets. Keep data in boxes provided.
  • Also included: Articulation Drill Record Form, Progress Chart, Homework Helper Note, Positive Awards.
Spiral-bound. Softcover.
BK233 -  Webber's® Jumbo Artic Drill Book $69.95 
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BKCD402 -  Webber's® Jumbo Artic Drill Book Combo $139.94 
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