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Read Aloud Minimal Contrast Stories with Activities


by Lynn Krupa, M.S., CCC-SLP - Grades PreK-2

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When Bear tells his friend Rabbit, "I have a tap on my head!" Rabbit takes a look. "That's not a tap," Rabbit replies, "Tap is for fingers. That's a cap!"
Join Bear and all the other lively characters in this one-of-a-kind collection of stories and activities featuring minimal contrast pairs. Ten stories are included, each addressing one particular phonological process.
Processes targeted:
  • Syllable Reduction
  • Fronting of K—Initial position
  • Fronting of K—Final position
  • Fronting of G—Initial position
  • Initial consonant deletion
  • Final consonant deletion
  • Stopping
  • Cluster reduction
  • Gliding
236 pages. Perfect-bound, softcover.
BK235 -  Read Aloud Minimal Contrast Stories with Activities $29.95 
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