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"Can Do"® Oral-Motor Fun and Games

Fun Sheets and Cards Book

by Kim Gill and Joanne DeNinno - Grades PreK-2

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Let Cassie Cow, Manny Monkey, and all their friends show your students how to do oral-motor exercises! This practical, fun-filled book has reproducible exercises for tongue stimulation, tongue strengthening, tongue movement, lip strengthening, and lip movement. Lively illustrations with detailed descriptions for each exercise, make the drills understandable for even the youngest child. Numerous game boards, color-cut-paste activities, and manipulatives will hold your students' interest. Best of all, we've included in the back of your book 45 full-color, sturdy, high-gloss, cut-out game cards as part of the Can Do Oral-Motor Card Game. What fun!!
Perfect-bound. Softcover.
BK256 -  "Can Do"® Oral-Motor Fun and Games $25.95 
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