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Awesome Artic® Fun Sheets

Sound Loaded Articulation Sheets
for S, R, L, plus Blends, and CH, SH. and TH

by Susan Rose Simms - Grades K-5

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AWESOME is just the right word to describe this terrific trio of reproducible S, R, and L articulation activity books. Each one has over 200 pages of picture-filled fun. From isolation, syllable, and word levels to phrase, sentence, and carryover practice, these books contain a tremendous variety of activities your children will enjoy-match-ups, fill-in-the-blank storytelling, board games, question/answer sheets, riddles, rhymes, memory cards, mystery word spelling contests, finish the phrases/sentences, cut-and-paste pages, sound-loaded scenes, opposites, synonyms, trigger sentence completion, silly sentences, roll-the-die games, word lists, and more.
BK275 -  Awesome Artic® S Fun Sheets $19.95 
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BK282 -  Awesome Artic® R Fun Sheets $19.96 
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BK304 -  Awesome Artic® CH, SH, TH Worksheets $19.98 
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