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Core Curriculum Articulation – S, R, L

752 Research-Based Reproducible Word Cards for Articulation and Vocabulary

by Catherine Alexander, M.A., CCC-SLP and Beth Holland, M.A., CCC-SLP - Grades K–5

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Teach essential core curriculum vocabulary and reinforce articulation skills at the same time! Core Curriculum Articulation is a reproducible book of word cards with grade-level core curriculum vocabulary words targeting S, R, and L phonemes! 103 pages (8½ "x 11 ").
The 752 research-based, core curriculum vocabulary words include:
  • 192 /L/ cards – 64 each for grades K–2
  • 240 /R/ cards – 48 each for grades 1–5
  • 320 /S/ cards – 64 each for grades 1–5
Each reproducible word card (2" x 3 ½") includes a:
  • Core curriculum vocabulary word for that grade.
  • Definition of the word.
  • Phrase using the target word.
  • Sentence using the target word with at least one more occurrence of the target phoneme.
  • Simple picture to help the student learn and remember the vocabulary word.
BK381 -  Core Curriculum Articulation – S, R, L $24.99 
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