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Complete Come Learn with Me Program

Grades PreK and Up

Main Related Handy Handouts Common Core State Standards
This kit is a colorful, interactive language-based program, which encourages hands-on learning. The program builds expressive and receptive language skills in young children from birth to preschool age using a systematic approach. It will increase their ability to:
  • Identify and name common objects
  • Learn action words
  • Understand and use prepositions and pronouns
  • Follow one- and two-step directions
  • Respond to yes/no and “Wh” questions
  • Match objects, pictures and animal sounds
  • Sort and categorize objects
  • Identify objects by their function
This kit comes complete with a tote bag, instructional manual containing a breakdown of language and cognitive skills, age ranges, sample objectives, data collection sheets, procedures and prompts; a sorting board, 66 manipulative pictures, the complete set of books including Come Find Me, Come Ride With Me, Come To My Farm, Come Move With Me, 27 real objects including animals, vehicles, foods, and functional objects, and reinforcers including bubbles and spill-proof tumbler, tops, and water squirters.
CLM303 -  Complete Come Learn with Me Program $229.00 
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