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Contextual Probes of Articulation Competence™ - Spanish
Printable CD-ROM

by Brian Goldstein, Ph.D.
and Aquiles Iglesias, Ph.D. - 3;0-Adult

Main Product FAQs Related Handy Handouts Response Analyzer
#420 Important Changes in Diagnostic Criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder What does this mean for families living with ASD? English Spanish 2/9/2016
#413 Understanding Evaluation Terminology English Spanish 12/15/2015
#410 Are Special Education Services Available for Students in Private Schools? English Spanish 9/8/2015
#403 Fun Ways to Practice Articulation Skills in the Car English Spanish 11/4/2014
#401 How Can I Help My Students Perform Well on Standardized Tests? English Spanish 1/14/2014
#386 What is Title 1? English Spanish 6/11/2013
#360 Parents, Be Prepared For Your IEP Meeting English Spanish 6/5/2012
#359 Is It Possible to Revise My Child’s IEP Once I Sign It? English Spanish 5/22/2012
#356 What are Phonological Disorders? Can they be Corrected? English Spanish 4/10/2012
#351 Using an Appropriate Rate of Speech English Spanish 1/25/2012
#347 Apps for Students with Communication Deficits English Spanish 12/29/2011
#346 Apps and the School Speech-Language Pathologist English Spanish 12/23/2011
#335 Promoting Easy Vocal Productions English Spanish 10/7/2011
#317 Stimulability for Speech Sounds English Spanish 6/3/2011
#316 Gifted Students English Spanish 5/27/2011
#308 What Is a 504 Plan? English Spanish 4/1/2011
#292 Standardized Test Preparation English Spanish 12/10/2010
#291 What Are Standardized Tests? English Spanish 12/3/2010
#247 Speech Practice at Home English Spanish 1/29/2010
#236 How Do We Talk? English Spanish 11/13/2009
#209 What Is a "Lisp?" English Spanish 5/8/2009
#201 Types of Articulation Errors – A Simple Guide English Spanish 3/13/2009
#181 Phonological Approaches to Developing Correct Sound Production English Spanish 10/24/2008
#157 Everything You Wanted to Know About an IEP Meeting but Were Afraid to Ask English Spanish 3/28/2008
#109 Common Testing Accommodations and Modifications for Students with Disabilities English Spanish 5/14/2006
#107 My Child May Have Difficulties in Educational Achievement English Spanish 4/14/2006
#102 Why is "R" So Hard to Say? English Spanish 1/30/2006
#99 Your Child's Speech/Language Evaluation at School English Spanish 12/19/2005
#98 Articulation: When Should I Worry If My Child is Behind? English Spanish 11/30/2005
#77 The ABCs of the IEP Meeting: What a Parent Should Know English Spanish 1/30/2005
#74 Encourage Speech Sounds Through Reading English Spanish 11/12/2004
#66 What are Phonological Processes? English Spanish 3/15/2004
#47 Testing Tips English Spanish 10/16/2002
#46 Talk To Me: Suggestions for Getting Children to "Open Up" English Spanish 9/27/2002
#39 Creative Articulation Practice at Home English Spanish 6/17/2002
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