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Snooky Snail™ Goes to Work

Fluency Card Deck

by Monica Gustafson - Grades PreK-3

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Snooky Snail crawls through this delightful card deck to help children develop their "smooth and easy" speech. This 56-card set has 28 pairs of match-up cards. One card pictures an occupation (Snooky the doctor) and its match shows an item to use in that occupation (stethoscope). The cards are big (3" x 5"—great for little hands). You also receive two wild cards, plus content/game idea cards—all in a colorful storage tin.
Snooky Snail Combo includes the Snooky Snail Fluency Card Deck, Snooky Snail Fluency Book, and Snooky Snail Fluency Games.
CRD22 -  Snooky Snail™ Goes to Work Fluency Card Deck $12.95 
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SSN300 -  Snooky the Snail's™ Fluency Combo $54.50 
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