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Listening, Understanding, Remembering, Verbalizing!

by Jean Gilliam DeGaetano
Illustrated by Kevin M. Newman - Grades 1-3

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This book will help your students to learn to:
  1. Listen attentively to a story.
  2. Understand the story.
  3. Remember the details.
  4. Be able to answer questions about the story.
  5. Retell the story.
You read the story aloud to the students as they look at the pictures. In this way, students use both their visual and auditory channels of learning. Each story has questions, sentence completions, and answers, so you can determine how well your students retain the story's details. The pages reinforce remembering details and assist students in the final step of retelling each story! 90 pages. Perfect-bound.
G850 -  Listening, Understanding, Remembering, Verbalizing! $33.95 
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