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Turtle Talk®

Fluency and Language Game

by Monica Gustafson and Keri Spielvogle - Grades PreK and Up

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Here is a friendly turtle that wants to help your students with their smooth and easy speech—and then skate with them around a turtle track collecting Turtle Tokens™. In this innovative fluency and language game, players pick a card, answer a skill level question, roll the die, "skate" around the board, and receive Turtle Tokens™ (found inside the turtle) as they go! This game is ideal for readers or non-readers. Use the illustrations on the backs of the cards to help students respond to the questions.
You get 240 illustrated playing cards with six questions per card, that's 1,440 opportunities for fluency and language practice in six color-coded categories (40 each of animals, around the home, food, holidays and seasons, occupations, and things you wear). Use the category cards with or without the game board. Cards measure 2 1/3" x 3 1/8".
  • Colorful, sturdy game board (16" x 16")
  • Durable plastic turtle
  • 72 foam Turtle Tokens™
  • 16-page booklet with suggested answers
  • 6 Pawns
  • 2 Dice
  • Sturdy storage box.
GB137 -  Turtle Talk® Fluency and Language Game $54.95 
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