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Webber® Basic Concepts Program

Instructional Activity Program

Grades PreK-3

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Webber Basic Concepts provides a systematic way to teach 111 basic concept pairs assessed in the Wiig Assessment of Basic Concepts® (WABC) receptively AND expressively.
First, teach the concept pair (hot/cold, up/down…) using the pictures provided in the reproducible activity book . Next, present pictures of the targeted concept pair with a foil (a third item that is similar, but incorrect). Finally, have the student identify three concept pairs on the game board while asking receptive and expressive questions from the activity book. As reinforcement, give each student an ice cream cone and a scoop for answering questions. Reproduce extra boards for classroom use or for home practice.
  • 52 colorful concept boards
  • 224-page reproducible workbook with game boards
  • 12 foam ice-cream cones
  • 90 scoop reinforcers
  • 4 non-toxic dry erase markers
  • 8 awards/certificates
  • Parent/Helper Letter
  • 1-12 players
Click here to view FAQs about Webber Basic Concepts.
GB175 -  Webber® Basic Concepts Program $69.95 
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