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Phonological Awareness Fun Park™

1,680 Phonological Activities Board Game and Activities with Electronic Spinner

by Kris Foley Scheller and Michelle Hinkle Ostrow - Grades PreK and Up

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Come one, come all! Step right up and press the magical, mystical Fun Park spinner… where it lands nobody knows… If you're lucky, you'll collect all your favorite Fun Park goodies!
Here's Super Duper's coolest creation—Phonological Awareness Fun Park. Increase your students' awareness of phonemes (sounds), syllables, and words as they travel around the park, pressing the electronic spinner to determine the number of spaces to move, and collecting colorful foam prizes at each entertaining booth.
Phonological Awareness Fun Park:
  • Phoneme rhyming
  • Identification
  • Discrimination
  • Manipulation
  • Blending
  • Deletion
  • Segmenting
Each skill has 4 levels of difficulty to allow for students' individual differences, and to let the students progress. All the stimulus items are from PreK–2 curriculums. Fun Park reinforces vocabulary that students hear on a daily basis.
The 82-page activity book has lots of follow-up activities for additional school or home practice. Copy pages directly from the book.
Fun Park Materials:
  • Game board (16" x 16")
  • 420 cards (2 ¼" x 3 ¼")
  • Electronic spinner
  • 84 foam "prize" tokens
  • Instruction/activity book
  • CD-ROM for printing all activity pages
  • 8 player markers
  • Parent letter
  • Record sheets
GB215 -  Phonological Awareness Fun Park™ $59.95 
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