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"Can-Do"® Oral-Motor Game Boards

10 Laminated Games

by Kim Gill and Joanne DeNinno - Grades PreK-2

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Use "Can-Do" Oral Motor Game Boards to motivate and improve oral-motor functioning in preschool and school age children. We designed the games to be fun, hands-on, easy-to-use, and motivational.
Before beginning the games, introduce the characters: Tony, Tina, Danny Dog, Gerry Giraffe, Katie Cat, Manny Monkey, Peggy Pig, and Cassie Cow. Allow each player to choose a character token. Insert each character into a plastic stand provided.
Kids will have fun as they roll the die and move around the game boards doing the exercises!
"Can-Do" Oral-Motor Game Boards includes:
  • 10 game boards, 5 laminated boards (11" x 17")
  • 16 game token characters
  • Die
  • Instructions
Please note some exercises require tongue depressors.
GB76 -  "Can-Do" Oral-Motor Game Boards $19.95 
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