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Webber® Basic Concepts MagneFoam™ Magnets

Level Two

Grades PreK-3

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Webber MagneFoam Basic Concepts Magnets give children a fun way to touch and feel three-dimensional objects as they learn colors, descriptive words, location words, and more. This set of 158 easy-to-hold magnets teach children all 54 concepts found in Level Two of the Webber Basic Concepts Instructional Activity Program (and the WABC – Wiig Assessment of Basic Concepts). Concepts are in opposite or related word pairs (short–tall, slow–fast, half–whole), and each set of magnets includes an unrelated magnet (FOIL) to help you increase the difficulty of your teaching. Use this Basic Concepts Magnets on any magnetic-receptive surface like the MagneTalk Barrier Game Stand, the 4-in-1 Activity Center, or your own magnetic board. Includes game ideas and activities. Magnets are 2" diameter.
MAG333 -  Basic Concepts MagneFoam™ Magnets Level 2 $69.98 
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MAG444 -  Basic Concepts MagneFoam™ Magnets Levels 1 and 2 Combo $139.97 
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