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A Picture-Mapping Program for Parents and Children

by Dale Seiden, Ed.D. and Donna Geffner, Ph.D - Ages 3 and Up

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"To have your kids' lives work with elegance and ease-read Navi-Gator and put your visual (imaging) and storytelling on steroids! I love this break-through system!"
Mark Victor Hansen, Creator Chicken Soup for the Soul
Navi-Gator: A Picture-Mapping Program for Parents and Children is a 58-page book designed to help parents and caregivers communicate with their children. Navi-Gator guides you in creating your own drawings to teach and reinforce concepts of positive behavior and communication. This picture-mapping helps to teach your child appropriate and inappropriate behaviors by using simple pictures linked to a personalized, sequential story (rather than only language) to shape real-life situations and foster understanding.
Navi-Gator explains how to make picture-maps for 22 real-life situations (ex. Fighting with Siblings) in five different categories:
  • Socialization
  • School Life
  • Family Dynamics
  • Medical & Dental
  • Safety for Children
Navi-Doll is your good-communication buddy!
Navi-Doll is a soft, green alligator plush that helps parents and children communicate as they discuss together day-to-day activities while using the Navi-Gator Picture-Mapping Program. Your children can be good role models for Navi, teaching him everything they’ve learned.
Navi-Doll is approximately 9" tall.
NAV22 -  Navi-Gator™ Book $21.99 
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