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Knobby Tubes™

2-, 4-, or 6-Pack

Grades PreK and Up

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Use the Knobby Tube™ for clients who crave sensory input to the mouth and jaw. The Knobby Tube™ contains small, round, textured bumps on the stem to provide extra tactile input when placed in the mouth. The Knobby Tube™ is safe, washable, non-toxic, and latex-free. Simply present the Knobby Tube™ stem (12 mm) laterally into your client's mouth near the molars and encourage biting. Each Knobby Tube™ has a grooved handle so the tube will not go too far back in the client's mouth. Stem is 3", handle is 2 3/8".
OM424 -  Knobby Tubes (2 Pack) $17.95 
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OM426 -  Knobby Tubes (6 Pack) $46.95 
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