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"Can Do"® Oral-Motor

Fun Deck®

by Joanne DeNinno and Kim Gill - Grades PreK-2

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Who's doing the "Tip Tickle Up," the "Kiss and Smile," and other fun oral-motor exercises? Why, zillions of kids everywhere! This is one card deck you need to have in your "bag of tricks!"
This Can Do Fun Deck gives you:
  • 52 cards per deck plus lots of game ideas to vary your teaching.
  • Large cards (3" x 5") that are easy for small hands to hold.
  • Colorful illustrations and an oral-motor exercise "how to" on each card.
  • Convenient storage box.
  • Extra cards for customizing your exercises.
P.S. Be sure to have plenty of our fruit-flavored tongue depressors on hand. Your students will use them as they play the games!
OMC52 -  "Can Do"® Oral-Motor Fun Deck® $14.95 
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