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Oral & Nasal Listener™

by Ann W. Kummer, Ph.D. - Resources

Main Instructions PDF Related Handy Handouts
The Oral & Nasal Listener™, developed at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, is a unique tool that provides direct high-quality auditory feedback for the client (child or adult) during speech therapy. It is the only device of its kind that provides both the client and the speech-language pathologist (or parent) simultaneous amplification of speech nasality.
A simple funnel attachment amplifies speech, making it perfect for targeting articulation skills and improving phonological awareness. The Clip-on Photo Cues offer a fun way to reinforce correct sound productions. The soft foam ear tips on the stethoscopes make them comfortable for the client and the SLP to wear.
The Oral & Nasal Listener™ is also very effective when working on the elimination of nasal emission or hypernasality due to abnormal articulation or velopharyngeal mislearning. Unlike other devices for detecting nasality, the Listener™ amplifies all nasal sounds, thus allowing the child to HEAR the differences between nasal and oral productions.
The Oral & Nasal Listener™ includes:
  • 20 feet of replaceable tubing.
  • Speech funnel (3 ¼" x 2 ¾").
  • Instruction manual.
  • 20 clip-on photo cues.
  • Carrying case (14 ½" x 12" x 3 ½").
The Oral & Nasal Listener™ has unique features that make it different from other feedback devices:
  • Amplifies oral speech sounds through a simple funnel attachment (Speech Funnel), making it perfect for working on articulation skills and improving phonological awareness.
  • Allows the client to clearly hear hypernasality or nasal air emission through a tube, which is placed at the entrance of one nostril.
  • Provides amplification of the client's speech for two people at the same time!
  • Increases the clients attention and focus on auditory stimuli and auditory instructions.
  • Uses clip-on photo cues to provide the client with cues for correct sound production.
ONL22 -  The Oral & Nasal Listener™ $89.95 
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