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Squiggly Worms™

Matching Game

Grades PreK and Up

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There’s a bunch of silly worms in this apple, and you’ve got to find the ones that match your color cards! Uh-oh! These worms don’t sit still. Once you pull the lever back, they move up and down in their own wiggly way.
Pick up worms one at a time, and look at the color on their bottom. If the worm's color matches of one of your color cards, keep it. If not, put the worm back and choose another. You have to be fast! The first player to match all of his/her color cards with the Squiggly Worms wins! 2-4 players.
Squiggly Worms
  • Plastic apple game base (6" x 6")
  • 20 Worms with colored bottoms (1¼")
  • 20 Worm cards for color matching (2½" x 1½")
  • Instructions with game variations
No reading required. No batteries required.
PM3004 -  Squiggly Worms™ $16.95 
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