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Positive Pragmatic® Game Boards

10 Laminated Games for Improving Pragmatic Skills

by Joanne P. DeNinno and Kim A. Gill

Main Product Samples Instructions PDF Related Handy Handouts Common Core State Standards
Ready…set…let's interact! Encourage your students to improve their social communication skills with these fun, colorful game boards. Choose from 10 game boards targeting these pragmatic skills:
  • Giving information
  • Persuasion
  • Requesting
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Greetings and politeness markers
  • Feelings
  • Figurative language
  • Appropriate interaction
  • Topic maintenance
  • Problem solving
Each set has 10 game boards (5 laminated boards [11" x 17"] printed front and back), pawns, die, and instruction booklet. Call today and order your set of Positive PragmaticGames! Your students will "thank you!"
The Positive Pragmatic Combo includes Positive Pragmatic Game Boards and Say and Do Positive Pragmatic Game Boards Fun Sheets.
GB93 -  Positive Pragmatic® Game Boards $39.95 
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PRAG93 -  Positive Pragmatic Combo $55.95 
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