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Ring Bling®

The Handy Game of Following Directions

by Sarah Michaels, Thea Wilson, Clint Johnson, and Sharon G. Webber - Grades K and Up

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Playing a game has never been so fashionable!
Reward your students for following directions with Ring Bling. Students choose a card and act out the hilarious direction(s). Then they spin the spinner to earn one or two rings for their Happy Hand or give a ring to a friend. The student who earns the most rings wins the game. Ring Bling is ideal for teaching your students to listen and think creatively while pretending.
Your game has 50 Following Directions Cards in three categories:
  • Basic DirectionsBeat your chest like an angry gorilla.
  • ConditionalIf you like brownies, bark like a dog.
  • TemporalAfter you wave your magic wand, turn yourself into a monkey.
Ring Bling is the perfect motivator for articulation, language, reading, or math activities in the classroom, during therapy sessions, or at home.
Ring Bling includes:
  • 4 Happy Hands
  • 50 Following Directions activity cards (2" x 3½")
  • 50 Rings
  • Spinner
  • Game ideas
RB65 -  Ring Bling® Game Reg: $29.95Now: $17.76*
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RB67 -  Extra Ring Bling Rings (50-Pack) $9.95 
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RB69 -  Extra Ring Bling Hands (4-Pack) $14.95 
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