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Keys to Comprehension

Level A

Grades 1 and Up

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An adventurous way to master 6 key skills!
Players move around the colorful board collecting "keys" and encountering dangers along the way! After rolling the die and landing on a spot, player spins the spinner to determine which type of skill question to draw and answer. If the player answers the question correctly, he or she earns a "key" for that skill. Collect all six keys to unlock the buried treasure and win the game! Question cards feature humorous and/or intriguing reading passages about strange superstitions, silly laws, unusual creatures, and more. Skill cards include Main Idea, Conclusion, Sequence, Inference, Facts, and Context. 2–6 players.
Level A - Skill Introduction:
  • Introduction to key comprehension skills
  • 40-55 Word reading passages
Contents Include:
  • Game board with spinner (15.75" x 15.75")
  • 90 Question cards (3.25" x 4.25")
  • 36 Key cards (2.5" x 1.75")
  • 6 Pawns (1")
  • 1 Die (.5")
RM6006A -  Keys to Comprehension $24.99 
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