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MagneTalk® First 100 Sight Words and Sentence Maker

Magnetic Board Game

Grades PreK and Up

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It's love at first sight! Improve early sight word, reading, spelling, and sentence making skills with this versatile magnetic game for kids.
Arrange words into 4 categories:
  • People, Places, and Things - nouns
  • Action Words - verbs
  • Describing Words – adjectives
  • Sentence Helpers - pronouns, articles, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and punctuation marks
The tiles (varying 1" to 1 ½") have words printed in black and white on one side, and the same words are color-coded by part of speech on the other side. These are the frequently used sight words on the Dolch, McRel, and Fry word lists. A sentence strip in the middle of the magnetic board (14" x 18") allows children to make their own sentences, too!
Articles Conjunctions Verbs Pronouns Adjectives
a and am has him them big
an but are help his they five
the if be is I this four
  or can like it we good
Capital & Punctuation come look me what little
A The did make my who new
He What do put she he old
She You eat said you her one
. ? get saw that   red
    give see      
    go says      
    going stop      
    had will      
    have write      
Prepositions Adverbs Nouns
at all not boy
by as out cat
for away so dad
from down there day
in here up dog
of how when girl
on just where house
to no yes light
with     mom
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