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100 Lesson Plans
STudents Are Responding To INtervention®

for 28 Popular Children’s Books
Book and Printable CD-ROM

by Suzie Hill, M.Ed.; Thaashida Hutton, M.S., CCC-SLP;
and Kevin Stuckey, M.Ed., CCC-SLP - Grades 3-8

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Spend time teaching instead of planning with 100 STudents Are Responding To INtervention Lesson Plans. This reproducible book contains 100 complete lesson plans addressing all 16 Tasks in the START-IN program. Each lesson has all the information you need to complete a one-hour START-IN session. Copy directly from the book, or use the printable CD-ROM. The CD-ROM includes a blank template for creating your own lesson plans.
The lesson plans come from 28 contemporary and popular fictional children’s books for Grades 3-8. All lessons are rich in vocabulary. The book also includes a reproducible word list for extra practice with Syllable Types (Task #4).
Click here to see the complete START-IN (STudents Are Responding To INtervention) Program.
START55 -  START-IN 100 Lesson Plans
Book with CD-ROM
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