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Photo Vocabulary Quick Take Along®


by Becky L. Spivey and Sharon G. Webber; concept by Natalie E. Snyders - All Ages

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Photo Vocabulary Quick Take Along Mini-Book is a pocket-sized, portable resource for the busy speech-language pathologist, special educator, teacher, and parent. Help children improve their vocabulary using real, full-color photos! This book includes seven categories of vocabulary words with a total of 126 color photos (18 per category). Each page has three photos on a white background. Use the last pages in each section as a quick assessment by having students find and name the three out of five items that belong in a particular category.
Categories include:
  • Animals
  • Around the Home
  • Clothing and Accessories
  • Food
  • School
  • Toys
  • Transportation
This book is spiral bound, so you can easily flip pages and keep the book open to the page you're working on. The sturdy, laminated pages are tear resistant and easy to read. Small 5" x 3" size. 71 pages.
TA150 -  Photo Vocabulary Quick Take Along® $12.95 
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