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SillySongs For Phonology and Sound Awareness

Music CDs

by Beverly Banker - Grades PreK-2

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Use music and rhythm to help children hear sounds in words, produce them accurately, and match them with alphabet letters. The music CD includes 13 songs based on familiar melodies such as "The Farmer in the Dell" on two tracks. The first track uses a slower pace to help children learn the songs and the second track is a more natural pace for children who have learned the songs. The songs target these sounds appearing at the beginning of words: p, b, f, g, k, t, s, l, r, d, sh, ch, sp, sn, sk, st, sw, and sm.
Silly Songs
  • Song books, lyrics, and illustrations for coloring in every unit for all target sounds .
  • Print all art activities and game boards for reinforcement directly from the CD.
  • CD includes all 13 songs in a slow and fast track.
  • 370-page softcover, perfectbound reproducible book.
TPX14701 -  SillySongs For Phonology and Sound Awareness $29.95 
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