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Word Joggers®

Exercises for Semantics and Word Retrieval

by Elaine Burke Krassowski - Grades 1-12

Main Product Samples Instructions PDF Related Handy Handouts Common Core State Standards
"Jog" your students' memories with this fun and challenging game! Word Joggers is a great semantic and word retrieval game that contains exercises for word description, antonyms, homonyms, and multiple meaning words. You can tailor activities to fit different levels and a variety of goals and objectives.
Word Joggers:
  • 7 card decks (total of 504 cards!) (2 7/8" x 3 5/8") containing:
    • 72 Picture It! cards
    • 108 Words, Words, Words! cards
    • 72 More Words, Words, Words! cards
    • 36 Finish It! cards
    • 108 Categories! cards
    • 72 Just the Opposite! cards
    • 36 More Than One Meaning! cards
  • One-minute sand timer
  • Manual
The 48-page manual contains a list of goals that each of the card decks target. This booklet also guides the clinician/teacher on which game cards to choose for practice. Record small group or one-to-one data with the record forms. The reproducible, graphic organizers help players develop mind maps.
TPX21401 -  Word Joggers® $44.95 
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