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Moving Sound Formation Holographic Cards

Grades PreK and Up

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Teach phonics, speech, and language skills in an exciting new way with LipSync. The front of each of the 42 large, 5" x 7", laminated, full-color cards has a letter-sound, colorful object photo, target word, and a holographic mouth that moves to show the child how to form the target sound. The card back tells how to make the sound, describes it, and presents a word list highlighting the target sound in the initial, medial, and final positions. Ideal for early readers and English language learners, LipSync cards present the early sounds learned in preschool and elementary school programs. Boxed.
  • 42 holographic (moving) sound cards (including consonants, long and short vowels, ch, sh, th, oo, oy, oi, ow, ou, au, and aw).
  • Full-color photos, moving mouth instructions, and word lists on each card.
  • Teacher's Guide with suggestions for using the cards.
EI2799 -  LipSync™ $39.99 
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