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What is CPAC™-S?  Contextual Probes of Articulation Competence™ – Spanish (CPAC™-S) is a comprehensive program for evaluating and treating Spanish articulation and phonology delays/disorders.
Who benefits from CPAC™-S?  CPAC™-S is appropriate for preschoolers through adults. It identifies exact pretreatment performance for any Spanish sound or particular phonological pattern and helps you determine when clients are ready to progress to the next articulatory level, when to target another phoneme with the clients, and when to dismiss clients from treatment.
How was CPAC™-S developed?  The CPAC™-S is based on the Contextual Probes of Articulation found in the Secord Contextual Articulation Tests® (S-CAT®). Dr. Wayne Secord suggested to the authors that a Spanish version of his S-CAT® would be beneficial for bilingual speech-language pathologists. The CPAC™-S was developed to:
  • Assess the phonological skills of Spanish speakers.
  • Gather pretreatment measures on target sounds and/or phonological processes.
  • Assist in deciding where to initiate treatment.
  • Identify facilitating (correct) contexts.
  • Serve as an effective ongoing measure of progress.
  • Posttest overall performance to determine when to discontinue treatment.
How does CPAC™-S work?  The CPAC™-S recognizes that articulation and phonology are dynamic, constantly changing processes. Since these processes are constantly changing, treatment for speech sound disorders requires constant monitoring and responsiveness to the changes that result from intervention.
How many probes does CPAC™-S include?  The CPAC™-S probes 19 consonants and 10 phonological patterns. The consonant probes examine production in words, clusters, and sentences. The phonological pattern probes are quick and easy to use and require little to no phonological transcription.
Can I screen and administer a full assessment with the CPAC™-S?  Yes. Administer the CPAC™-S two ways: (1) as a Quick Screen where the first 17 items assess all phonemes and frequently occurring phonological patterns and/or (2) as a Full Assessment where all 64 items comprehensively assess Spanish consonants and phonological skills.
Is the CPAC™-S norm-referenced?  Yes. Norms are available for the CPAC™-S for ages 3;0 - 8;11. Click here to learn more www.superduperinc.com/cpacs.
How large was the standardization sample?  The standardization sample included 1127 children from the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.
Did you compare the CPAC™-S to another Spanish articulation test?  Yes. We compared the CPAC™-S to the Spanish Articulation Measures (SAM). The results indicated the CPAC™-S and SAM data are highly and significantly correlated.
What does the CPAC™-S kit include?  The CPAC™-S kit includes:
  • Examiner’s Manual
  • Client Words and Sentences Lists
  • Flip Easel with Quick Screen and Full Assessment
  • CD-ROM containing all Inventory and Score forms for the assessment and probes (no forms to buy!)
  • Normative Data Manual
Is there a response analyzer for the CPAC™-S?  Yes. After purchasing the CPAC™-S kit or the Normative Data Manual, go to www.superduperinc.com/analyzer and enter the unique product key found on the inside cover of your manual. The CPAC™-S Analyzer generates standard scores and percentile ranks. Additionally, the analyzer will identify and score dialectal variations as correct responses.
Does the CPAC™-S include a CD-ROM?  Yes! The CPAC™-S CD-ROM will print all inventory and score forms for the assessment and probes. You’ll save money with CPAC™-S because there are no forms to purchase!