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Edmark Reading FAQs
What is the appropriate age group for the Edmark Reading Program?
This program has two levels. Level 1 targets kindergarten to first grade and Level 2 targets first to third grade.
What does the program kit include?
Level 1 Includes Level 2 Includes
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Signing Manual (teaches signs for all 150 words)
  • Storybook (16 stories)
  • 10 Student Record Books
  • 5 Orange Eggs Books
    (12 page storybooks that include all 150 words)
  • Word Recognition Books (1 through 4)
  • 263 Illustration Cards
  • 36 Supplemental Stories
  • 39 Picture and Phrase Cards
  • 39 Direction Cards
  • 5 Certificates
  • 39 Plastic envelopes with adhesive stripes
  • 2 vinyl display masks
  • Teacher's Guide
  • 10 Student Record Books
  • Storybooks (1 through 4)
  • Word Recognition Books (1 through 4)
  • 36 Supplemental Stories
  • 39 Picture and Phrase Cards
  • 39 Direction Cards
  • 263 Illustration Cards
  • 39 Plastic envelopes with adhesive stripes
  • 5 Certificates
  • Vinyl display mask
Also includes learning objectives and additional classroom activities.
What is the recommended frequency and length of the lessons?  Each lesson takes approximately 5-15 minutes to complete. There are 227 lessons in Level 1. Individual teachers determine the number of lessons taught each day.
What types of students does the program target?  This program is for students with learning or other developmental disabilities. In addition, it is effective for use with preschoolers, adults, ESL students, and most special education students. Edmark is for any student demonstrating difficulties, while learning to read.
Do I need special training?  You need no special training for Edmark, only the ability to speak and read English. Therefore, teachers, teachers' aides, volunteers, parents, grandparents, and other students are able to teach this program.
What are some special features of Edmark?
  • Level 1 has 4 components with increasing difficulty at each level:
    • Word Recognition: Student pairs visuals/pictures with words.
    • Phrase Cards: Student matches pictures to a phrase containing the new target sight word.
    • Sentence Cards: Student reads the sentences and matches them to a picture.
    • Story Books: Stories start with 3 sentences increasing to several paragraphs.
  • Level 2 contains:
    • The same components as Level 1 but does not have pictures to match sight words.
    • Stories at this level start with 2-3 paragraphs and contain yes/no questions.
  • Every child gets a student workbook with all the lessons. The teacher tracks student progress and determines which lessons the students needs to review.
  • This program teaches sight-word learning, rather than using a phonetic approach.
  • The CD-ROM allows for carry over to other classrooms, so lessons may continue in other environments.
Can I get the Edmark Reading Program on CD?  Yes. Software is available to use independently or with the Edmark Reading Program print version. The print and software versions have exactly the same lesson structure. Click here to view software page.

Are supplemental materials available?  You can purchase supplemental materials to stimulate home assistance and participation. These supplemental sheets help students practice words as they learn them in the Edmark Reading program.