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What does the HearBuilder® Following Directions Computerized Screener assess?
This CD-ROM informally assesses a student’s ability to follow increasingly difficult directions across five areas:
  • Basic Directions (Click on the small cat.)
  • Sequential Directions (First click on the blue apple, next click on the large fish, and finally click on the red bird.)
  • Quantitative and Spatial Directions (Click on both of the yellow trees.)
  • Temporal Directions (After you click on the red star, click on the red shoe.)
  • Conditional Directions (If a fork is in the box, click on the circle. If not, click on the square.)
Which basic concepts does the Following Directions Screener assess?
  • Nouns/shapes: apple, bed, bird, cat, circle, fish, fork, shoe, square, star, tree
  • Color: blue, green, red, yellow
  • Size: large, small
  • Spatial: above, below, beside, next to
  • Quantitative: one, two, both, all, and, or, don’t, but not, between, first, second, third, last, either/or, all/except
  • Conditional: if, if not
  • Temporal: before, after, first, then, next, finally
Does the Following Directions Screener have norm-referenced scores?
No. This is an informal measure. It provides a percentage of correct responses for each subtest and a total percentage of correct responses for all five subtests.
How many items are on the Following Directions Screener and how long does it take to administer?
The 58-item Screener takes 15 – 20 minutes to complete and helps identify students who have difficulty following directions and/or understanding basic concepts.
Does the Following Directions Screener include a Pre- and Posttest?
Yes. The Pre- and Posttests include 58 different items to informally assess a student’s ability to follow increasingly difficult directions across five areas.
How can I use the results of the Following Directions Screener?
You may use this information to support standardized test results, establish baseline data, monitor progress, identify words and structures that the student has difficulty with (e.g., basic concepts, if/then clauses), and/or decide an appropriate level for each student to begin using the HearBuilder® Following Directions Software. In general, if a student scores at or below 70% on any of the subtests, he/she will most likely benefit from a research-based approach that targets following directions and/or basic concepts.
Does the Following Directions Screener provide progress reports?
Yes. The Screener provides detailed error reports and allows you to print, graph, and compare Pre- and Posttest results for each student. You can even save all of your students’ data to a spreadsheet to monitor an entire class.