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What is the research behind the MOST™?   The research study for the MOST™ included 160 children between the ages of 4;0 to 7;11, across the United States.
What age levels can I assess with the MOST™?   You may assess individuals ages 4 and older with the MOST™.
How much time does it take to administer the MOST™?   The MOST™ takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes to administer.
How does the MOST™ compare to other oral sensorimotor tests?  The MOST™ does not compare to any other tests because it is unique in its ability to quantitatively and qualitatively identify a client's ability to execute specific oral movement tasks.
Why is it important to assess the oral sensorimotor skills of clients?   It is important to assess a client's oral sensorimotor skills in order to identify areas of weakness that may contribute to oral-musculature movement or sensation problems.
How did the author organize the MOST™?   The MOST™ includes five sections:
  • Section 1: Motor Function Subtest
  • Section 2: Sensory Function Subtest
  • Section 3: Respiration and Phonation Subtest
  • Section 4: Resonance Subtest
  • Section 5: Oral and Facial Tone Subtest
Can I use the MOST™ for special education eligibility purposes?   No. Clinicians should only use the MOST™ when they suspect oral-motor sensory deficits may be impacting a child's communication and/or feeding/swallowing abilities.
Is the MOST™ difficult to administer and score?   No! The MOST™ is simple to administer and score. In addition to the five subtests, the MOST™ contains a Case History Form that includes an oral structure checklist, a phoneme and phonological pattern inventory, and parent questions.
What does the MOST™ kit include?   The complete MOST™ kit includes:
  • Examiner's Manual
  • Test Easel
  • 30 Record Forms
  • 30 Case History Forms
  • All necessary oral-motor supplies to administer the test
  • Sturdy tote bag
May I purchase components of the MOST™ kit separately?   Yes. You may purchase the Supplies Kit, additional Case History Forms, and additional Record Forms separately.