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Basic concepts such as colors, numbers, location words, and descriptive words are the building blocks that children need to know in order to properly follow directions and engage in simple daily routines. Understanding these concepts is crucial so that children can perform everyday school-related tasks such as listening, speaking, reading, writing, and arithmetic.
Basic concept words are part of the language of instruction and communication in early education settings (e.g., Head Start, daycare, preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary school). Educators use the term "basic concepts" for a variety of words or word pairs that describe relationships in space (in-out), time (early-late), condition (wet-dry), and status/emotions (happy-sad). A thorough knowledge of these concepts/word pairs directly relates to academic achievement.
Here is a list of Super Duper® materials to teach basic concepts. Click here to see research articles that support targeting basic concepts in order to improve a child's ability to understand and use these concepts in everyday language.
Products related to this Skill Area
BK258 Basic Concept & Vocabulary Round-up
BK278 208 Fold & Say® Basic Concept Stories!
BK334 Fold and Say® Basic Concepts Mini-Books
FD11 Cause and Effect
FD17 What Doesn't Belong?
FD35 Before & After
FD58 Basic Concepts in Motion
FDO05 Opposites
FDP04 Pigs & Pals Preposition
GB175 Webber® Basic Concepts
Instructional Activity Program
GB181 MagneTalk® Match-up Adventure Kit (includes Barrier Game Board Stand)
GB185 MagneTalk® Match-up Fantasy Story Adventures (includes Barrier Game Board Stand)
HBBK55 Webber® HearBuilder® Following Directions Fun Sheets
HBHE122 HearBuilder® Following Directions Home Edition
HBPE133 HearBuilder® Following Directions Professional Edition
HBS111 HearBuilder® Following Directions Computerized Screener
MAG222 Webber® Basic Concepts MagneFoam® Magnets
MAG333 Webber® Basic Concepts MagneFoam® Magnets
MAG444 Webber® Basic Concepts MagneFoam® Magnets Levels 1 and 2 Combo
QCC100 The Question Challenge Combo
SAS10 MagneTalk® Early Classifying
SAS113 MagneTalk® Feelings
SAS123 MagneTalk® Positions
SAS127 MagneTalk® Short and Long Vowels
SAS128 MagneTalk® Fronting Frogs
SAS129 MagneTalk® Cluster Reduction Clowns
SAS130 MagneTalk® Final Consonant Deletion Dogs
SAS134 MagneTalk® Magnetic Mealtime
SAS135 MagneTalk® Spanish Early Classifying
SAS22 MagneTalk® Early Opposites
SAS55 MagneTalk® 4-Step Sequencing
SAS77 MagneTalk® Early Action Words
TP18501 Deciders® Take on Concepts - Educator Version Combo
TPX10002 Language Strategies for Little Ones
TPX18410 Interactive Sing-Along Big Books (Set 2)
WABC11 WABC® Wiig Assessment of Basic Concepts®