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Social skills are those skills that include interacting with others, manners, emotions, social language, reacting to various situations in an age-appropriate manner, understanding responsibilities, completing daily living tasks, and problem solving. The term social language means being able to stay on topic when speaking, expressing feelings, and requesting information.
Having well developed social skills help children cope with and respond appropriately to peer pressure, bullying, or teasing. Social skills will also assist them in solving daily problems, knowing appropriate things to say, and seeking advice from the right people when they find themselves in a dilemma.
Acquiring social skills begins with toddlers interacting with their parents and caregivers. It advances to developing first friendships, coping with the demands of school, developing one's independence in the teenage years, and entering the complexities of the work environment. Individuals can learn to define their roles within a family or a group setting by learning how to complete tasks and become self-sufficient.
Here is a list of Super Duper® materials to expand your student's social skills. Click here to see research articles that support targeting specific skills to improve a student's social interaction within his/her environment.