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Vocabulary is one of the five building blocks of reading identified by the National Reading Panel (NRP). (Click here to see the report.) Vocabulary is very significant in the development of reading skills, particularly in the area of oral reading.
There are two types of vocabulary—oral vocabulary and print vocabulary. Oral vocabulary represents all the words that a person uses or understands. Print vocabulary includes all the words a person is able to read in print. The link between these two types of vocabulary is evident whenever a reader encounters a new word in print. If someone already uses and understands this word, it is easier to recognize or decode in print. Naturally, a larger vocabulary leads to improved reading skills.
Here is a list of Super Duper® materials to expand your student's vocabulary skills. Click here to see research articles that support targeting vocabulary in order to improve a student's ability to read.
Products related to this Skill Area
ANC42 Analogies
BGO22 Say & Do® Vocab Bingo
BK239 Descripto Bingo
BK243 Vocabulary and Syntax Roundup
BK258 Basic Concept & Vocabulary Round-up
BK272 Year-Round Literature for Language and Artic!
BK274 Vocab-u-Themes
BK287 Fun Deck® and Do
BK320 Webber® Photo Phonology Minimal Pair Cards
BK333 Read Between the Lines!™
BK335 Category Cut-ups™
DD12 Descripto Dinos Vocabulary Game Boards
FD14 Idioms
FD19 Comparatives
FD31 Synonyms
FD33 Let's Name... Things
FD45 Compare and Contrast
FD66 Adjectives
FD72 Metaphors & Similes
FD74 First 100 Sight Words
FD79 Name That Category!
FD80 All About You, All About Me
FD82 What is the Main Idea?
FD85 Famous Words and Proverbs
FD87 Story Prediction
FD88 500 Prefixes, Suffixes, and Stems
Super Fun Deck®
FD88B 500 Prefixes, Suffixes, and Stems
Super Fun Deck®
FDC02 Classifying
FDO05 Opposites
GB137 Turtle Talk®
GB154 Granny's Candies®
GB155 Granny's Candies® Set 2
GB181 MagneTalk® Match-up Adventure Kit
GB339 Go for the Dough® Board Game
GB44 Say & Do® Vocabulary Games
GB478 Hopping Frogs® Board Game
GOT16 Things That Go Together™
HBBK55 Webber® HearBuilder® Following Directions Fun Sheets
HBFD495 HearBuilder® Sequencing
HBS111 HearBuilder® Following Directions Computerized Screener
LANG22 Language LAB® RTI Program
LOT100 Webber® Photo Lotto Games - Around the Home and Food
LOT222 Webber® Photo Lotto Games - Things to Wear and Animals
MXACRD42 Core Curriculum Vocabulary Cards PreK-K App
MXACRD44 Core Curriculum Vocabulary Cards First Grade App
MXACRD56 Core Curriculum Vocabulary Cards Second Grade App
MXACRD58 Core Curriculum Vocabulary Cards Third Grade App
MXAFD54 Regular Past Tense Verbs
MXAFD70 Adverbs Fun Deck®
MXAPCRD42 Core Curriculum Vocabulary Cards PreK-K App
MXAPCRD44 Core Curriculum Vocabulary Cards First Grade App
QCC100 The Question Challenge Combo
SAS10 MagneTalk® Early Classifying
SAS123 MagneTalk® Positions
SAS134 MagneTalk® Magnetic Mealtime
SAS135 MagneTalk® Spanish Early Classifying
SAS33 MagneTalk® Early Go-Togethers
SAS77 MagneTalk® Early Action Words
TPX10001 Language Strategies for Children
WCC333 Webber® Classifying Cards (7-Deck Set)
WFC04 Webber® Photo Cards - Food
WFC07 Webber® Photo Cards - Things To Wear
WFC08 Webber® Photo Cards - Everyday Go-Togethers
WFC134 Webber® Photo Cards - Story Starters
WFC46 Webber® Photo Cards - What Are They Thinking?
WFC52 Webber® Photo Cards