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bullet May 2020 – Maya R. from North Carolina
bullet April 2020 – Brittany P. from Charleston, SC
bullet March 2020 – Brianna G. from Mississauga, ON, Canada
bullet February 2020 – Tonya D. from Miami, FL
bullet January 2020 – Kaitlin W. from Orrville, OH
bullet December 2019 – Regina N. from Philadelphia, PA
bullet November 2019 – Eileen E. from Stafford, Va
bullet October 2019 – Faiga W. from Brooklyn, NY
bullet September 2019 – Dana from New York
bullet August 2019 – Tonya from Alabama
bullet July 2019 – Lior E.G. from Israel
bullet June 2019 – Michaela T. from Wilmington, NC