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HearBuilder Phonologicial Awareness Test FAQs
How does the H-PAT relate to the ELLA®?  The H-PAT consists of ELLA® Section 1 – Phonological Awareness and Flexibility. In response to customer requests, we published Section 1 as the H-PAT.
What age group does the H-PAT target?   Students between the ages of 4;6 and 9;11.
Does the H-PAT have norm-referenced scores?   Yes. The H-PAT provides standard scores for Rhyming, Blending, Segmenting, Deletion, and Substitution. Standard scores, confidence intervals, percentile ranks, and age equivalents are available for the Total Test.
What was the H-PAT population sample size?  The standardization sample included 1,267 children, ages 4;6 – 9;11, from 40 states. The standardization closely resembles data from the U.S. Census Bureau (Statistical Abstract of the U.S., 2003).
Did you compare the H-PAT to another test?  We compared specific subtests of the H-PAT to subtests of the DIBELS® and the CELF®-4. During this comparison, we found that the subtests examine similar skills.
How long does it take to administer the H-PAT?  It takes approximately 15–20 minutes to administer the H-PAT.
Why is it important to test phonological awareness in students?  To acquire early reading skills, students must recognize that speech sounds can be related to written letters. Later, students must gain mastery of the associations between sounds in spoken words (phonemes) and their corresponding letters (graphemes). The awareness of phonological segments and patterns in speech leads to a number of early reading achievements, including rhyme detection, sound deletion and substitution, segmentation, syllabification, and recognition of word families with similar sounding words.
How is the H-PAT different from other tests of phonological awareness?  The H-PAT is a comprehensive phonological awareness assessment and meets the Early Reading First and Reading First requirements established by the Department of Education.
What areas does the H-PAT assess?  The H-PAT assesses the following: Letter-Sound Identification, Rhyme Awareness, Rhyme Production, Initial Sound Identification, Blending Words, Blending Syllables, Blending Sounds, Segmenting Words, Segmenting Syllables, Segmenting Sounds, Sound Deletion – Initial Position, Sound Deletion – Final Position, Sound Substitution – Initial Position, and Sound Substitution – Final Position.
What comes in the H-PAT complete kit?  The H-PAT complete kit includes: 1 Examiner’s Manual, 1 Stimulus Book, and 25 Record Forms. The online Pronunciation Guide is available at www.superduperinc.com/HPAT.
Can I view sample items and forms for the H-PAT?  Yes. Click here to view samples.
What is the H-PAT online Pronunciation Guide?  The online Pronunciation Guide contains essential information on presenting stimuli and scoring items. Since H-PAT is a standardized assessment, failure to pronounce and/or score responses correctly may invalidate resulting scores. Click here to access the online Pronunciation Guide.
Is the H-PAT difficult to administer and score?  No. The H-PAT is easy to administer and score. The H-PAT is norm-referenced and includes standard scores, confidence intervals, percentile ranks, and age equivalents.
How can the results of the H-PAT be used to identify a child’s area of weakness and help me write IEP goals?  The H-PAT manual includes a Curriculum and Classroom Connection for each of the subtests to help you develop appropriate treatment and IEP goals based on a child’s results on the H-PAT.
What is the H-PAT Parent/Guardian/Teacher Checklist?  This checklist contains a list of questions for a student’s parent/guardian and/or teacher designed to prompt input regarding the student’s emerging literacy skills.
How does the H-PAT work with the HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness software?  The H-PAT assesses phonemic and phonological awareness skills addressed in the HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness software. The H-PAT is appropriate as a pre/posttest for the HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness software to establish benchmarks and monitor progress.
Why does the HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness software research study refer to the ELLA® rather than the H-PAT?  H-PAT consists of the content from Section 1 of the ELLA®. The H-PAT was not yet available when the HearBuilder® Phonological Awareness software study was completed. Section 1 of the ELLA® was utilized for the study and has since been released as the H-PAT.
Can I preview the H-PAT before purchasing it?  Yes. Have the supervisor of your district, school, or speech department fax your request on company/school letterhead (1-800-978-7379), and we will send you a review copy. You may also email the request to Customer Help at customerhelp@superduperinc.com, or contact Customer Help at 1-800-277-8737.
Do you offer training for the H-PAT?   Yes. Click here to find out more information.
H-PAT Forms (25)
H-PAT Manual