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What is in the Super Duper Digital Library? Currently, it has many of Super Duper’s popular Fun Decks, Card Decks, and Workbooks. These are digital versions of our print materials. We are adding more cards and books daily. In the future, we will add games like Chipper Chat, Pirate Talk, and more!
Who can use the digital products? Educators, speech-language pathologists, clinicians, specialists, daycare providers, occupational and physical therapists, Head Start providers, parents, students … anyone can use these materials!
What if there is a deck or book I want to use that is not in the Digital Library? Just use the Feedback form and let us know what you need. We will do our best to add it to the library.
What kind of activities can I do with a Super Duper Workbook page or cards? We have created this short SDDL Tutorial to answer this question! In summary:
  • The SDDL provides you with pages/cards for you to use in teletherapy in a way that is similar to using the print version during in‑person therapy. They can also be used on Smartboards during classroom and therapy sessions.
  • The activities you do with the pages/cards are limited only by your imagination.
  • Teleconferencing services vary as to the tools and functions they provide to the educator and student.
    • Some include a drawing tool that lets users draw or type on a page.
    • Others include a remote control that allows the student to manipulate pages/cards/images.
    • For specific questions regarding the features of your teleconferencing service, please contact the Customer Service Department of your provider.
What does it cost? It is free to use these materials until August 15, 2020. SAVE 20% on a yearly subscription (from date of sign-up until August 15, 2021) by ordering today.


How can I display just a single page? The book viewer will display a single page whenever your browser window's height is greater than its width (“portrait”). If the browser window's width is greater than its height (“landscape”), it will display two pages. To change the width of your browser window, exit “Full Screen” mode (if necessary) and then grab and drag the edge of the window.
Can I print digital pages? The print feature is temporarily deactivated. We expect to have it enabled soon.


How can I make the images larger or smaller? For best results, use the + and buttons located in the upper‑right corner of the screen.
zoom widget image
Why can’t I play the Go-Togethers Mode for some card decks? The Go-Togethers Mode allows students to match one card to a related (but not identical) card. For example, students might match a question to an answer or an object to its function. Card decks that contain identical pairs (such as the Artic Photos Fun Decks) can only be played in Freestyle or Memory Mode.