OWLS-II WE Response Booklets (25)

Oral and Written Language Scales, Second Edition

By Elizabeth Carrow-Woolfolk, Ph.D.

Ages 3;0–21;11

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25 Response Booklets for Written Expression of the OWLS-II.
25 Response Booklets for Written Expression of the OWLS-II.
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More Information
Author(s) Elizabeth Carrow-Woolfolk, Ph.D.
Topic Grammar and Syntax, Hearing and Sign Language, SLP Resources, Tests
Brand WPS

OWLS-II WE Response Booklets (25)

Pack of 25 WE Response Booklets for the OWLS-II. The Oral and Written Language Scales-Second Edition (OWLS-II) evaluates four language processes on four separate scales: Listening Comprehension, Oral Expression, Reading Comprehension, and Written Expression. Although its four scales can be used separately, together they give you a comprehensive score profile that pinpoints language delays, identifies strengths and weaknesses in all areas, and guides intervention.

Customer Reviews
  1. OWLS-II Response Booklets
    Thank you, Super Duper Inc., for sending the response booklets so quickly! I love the OWL-II for testing language, reading, and writing. I would recommend the test to all SLPs who work with children with language, reading, or writing impairments.

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