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(S)=spatial concept (Q/Q)=quantitative/qualitative concept
(T)=temporal concept (S/E)=social-emotional concept
Mission I
Interactive Targets
Mission II
Interactive Targets
Mission III
Interactive Targets
top (S)
between (S)
above (S)
first (S)
bottom (S)
around (S)
below (S)
last (S)
apart (S)
middle (S)
next to (S)
high (S)
together (S)
end (S)
outside (S)
low (S)
first (T)
next (T)
inside (S)
beginning (T)
last (T)
small (Q/Q)
a little (Q/Q)
end (T)
all (Q/Q)
large (Q/Q)
short (Q/Q)
empty (Q/Q)
some (Q/Q)
many (Q/Q)
long (Q/Q)
full (Q/Q)
few (Q/Q)
a lot (Q/Q)
thick (Q/Q)
thin (Q/Q)
right (S)
back (S)
away from (S)
in front of (S)
left (S)
front (S)
toward (S)
in back of (S)
near (S)
side (S)
ahead (S)
beside (S)
far (S)
second (S)
behind (S)
second (T)
following (T)
third (S)
before (T)
third (T)
both (Q/Q)
after (T)
wide (Q/Q)
shallow (Q/Q)
medium sized (Q/Q)
each (Q/Q)
narrow (Q/Q)
deep (Q/Q)
half (Q/Q)
another (Q/Q)
same (Q/Q)
every (Q/Q)
whole (Q/Q)
pair (Q/Q)
different (Q/Q)
equal (Q/Q)
right (S)
upper right (S)
across from (S)
to the right of (S)
corner (S)
lower right (S)
through (S)
to the left of (S)
forward (S)
upper left (S)
right half (S)
separated (S)
edge (S)
lower left (S)
left half (S)
opposite of (S)
less than (Q/Q)
fourth (T)
during (T)
always (T)
more than (Q/Q)
diagonal (Q/Q)
nothing (Q/Q)
never (T)
the most (Q/Q)
horizontal (Q/Q)
neither (Q/Q)
except (Q/Q)
the least (Q/Q)
vertical (Q/Q)
identical (Q/Q)
several (Q/Q)
nearly (Q/Q)
couple (Q/Q)
Mission I
Bombardment Targets
Mission II
Bombardment Targets
Mission III
Bombardment Targets
surprised (S/E)
tired (S/E)
scared (S/E)
angry (S/E)
none (Q/Q)
late (T)
starting (T)
morning (T)
evening (T)
afraid (S/E)
excited (S/E)
bored (S/E)
worried (S/E)
enough (Q/Q)
afternoon (T)
yesterday (T)
tomorrow (T)
confused (S/E)
frightened (S/E)
nervous (S/E)
jealous (S/E)
gradual (T)
sudden (T)
early (T)
while (T)
sometimes (T)