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Language & Pragmatics Products for Autism
240, full-color photo cards (5" x 7") with uncluttered backgrounds will help children comprehend, respond to, and ask eight forms of questions. Includes strategies and cues on the back of each card. 8 Instructor cards. Boxed. Grades PreK-6. Ages 4-12.
Help your students learn to ask socially appropriate questions! This photo set has 240 large, uncluttered photos with a cuing hierarchy of question-asking language prompts on the back, plus many opportunities for repetition. Photo cards are 5" x 7". Boxed. Grades PreK and Up. Ages 3 and Up.
240, full-color photo cards of people in everyday situations and a three-level cueing hierarchy on the back of each photo helps you phrase the stimuli needed to get desired responses. Photos and questions target regular past tense, irregular past tense, future tense, and present tense + infinitive verb tense. Includes 8 Instructor Cards. Grades PreK-6. Ages 4 -12.
Receptive and expressive language board game uses 144 color photo cards to teach basic and advanced communication skills used in 12 areas of school. 144 cards (5" x 7"). Double-sided game board. 6 giant magnetic pawns. 6 standard pawns. 65 cool tokens. Electronic spinner. Grades PreK–8.
56 cards illustrate stressful situations. Discuss safety, emotions, and different ways of acting in response. Improve reasoning, inferencing, sequencing, and memory skills. Game ideas. Content cards. Grades PreK–Up.
Fantastic Card Holder (13") and will hold up to 4 Webber Photo Cards (4" x 5") or 5 Fun Deck Cards (2½" x 3½" "). 3 cardholders. All ages. Photo cards not included.
60 illustrated cards (3" x 5") help students talk about appropriate and inappropriate behaviors at home, school, and community. Cards have illustrated scenes, a short story, and follow-up questions. Content/Game ideas cards. Tin box. Grades K and Up.
167 pages of over 76, six-step sequencing activities in eight categories to teach daily living skills:Meal Time; Household Chores; Entertainment; Safety; School; Hygiene; Retail; and Transportation. Includes activities and extension ideas. Grades K and Up.
6 extra phone cases in assorted colors for the Funzee Phones Card Game.
Grades K and Up.
Target pragmatic language in this text messaging game: responding to questions, responding to statements, asking questions, turn-taking, and topic maintenance. Level 1 requires one on-topic response. Level 2 requires two responses. Calling cards deliver positive and negative consequences. 2-6 players. Grades K and Up.
Augmentative communication recorder. 45-message capacity, nine keys (1¾" x 2¼"), five recording levels. 8.5 minutes of total recording time (8-15 seconds per message). Device is 9" x 12" x 1⅛". All ages.
This lightweight, durable, green vinyl folder fits the GoTalk 4+, GoTalk 9+, and GoTalk 20+. It holds GoTalkssecurely when closed and opens easily for use as a stand.
56 cards help children discuss and/or write about their feelings in different types of situations. Each card has a colorful illustration with a How Would You Feel If... question. Content/Game Ideas Cards. Tin box. Grades K-3.
Photo Practical Pragmatics Fun Deck features 56 photo cards, each with a photograph and prompt. Prompts fall into one of 7 different pragmatic language categories: Requesting, Solving Problems, Being Polite, Responding Appropriately, Topic Maintenance, Giving Information, and Feelings. Grades PreK-4
These thought-provoking photos and creative writing prompts will inspire students' imaginations and address many areas of speech and language, as well as help students develop fun and imaginative written and oral stories. 30 photos each with a story starter prompt and 5 questions. 61 spiral-bound pages (5" x 3"). All ages.
126 color photo-words in 7 categories help children improve vocabulary. 3 photos per page on white background. Quick assessment per category. 5" x 3". Spiral bound. Laminated. 71 pages. All ages.
10 colorful, laminated boards (11" x 17") targeting 10 different pragmatic skills. Instruction booklet, pawns, and die. 2-6 players. Grades 3-7.
170-page illustrated, reproducible book includes activities to improve social skills in everyday situations. Parent/helper letter, answer key, awards, and an open-ended game board. Grades K-7.
This 63-card illustrated deck contains social stories divided into three social skills sections to help students improve inference-making skills. Students use the included Secret Decoder to self-check answers. Content/Game ideas cards. Sturdy box. Grades 2-8.
61-page book with 600 questions targeting 15 social skills help students practice how to respond to or engage themselves in social situations. Small 5" x 3" book. Spiral-bound. All ages.
Revised with many new thought-provoking questions across four topics: All About Me; Feelings and Opinions; Family, Friends & More, and Imagination. 200 color-coded cards (3½" x 4¾") with instructions. Boxed.
Help students begin a conversation about a specific topic, ask/answer questions about the topic, make comments, and/or maintain the topic for a specific period of time. 205 cards promote conversation and includes a 5-minute timer. Grades 2 and Up. Boxed.
44 double-sided communication boards (9 1/2" x 11") using Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) to teach non-verbal students to communicate. 11 topic areas with 396 question cards targeting receptive and expressive language skills. Includes electronic spinner, game markers, game board, and foam bingo squares. Grades PreK-12.
Super Duper 600 BIG (5" x 7") full-color, double-sided, laminated photo cards to teach nouns in 14 categories. Photo on front side - Definition, three Fun Facts, three questions on back side. Instruction booklet with vocabulary lesson ideas. Grades PreK and up.
This fun and engaging photo-card deck provides a way for students to practice completing analogies by identifying similarities between two comparisons. The analogies include four concept areas: Categories, Part to Whole, Functions/Associations, and Opposites. Students match the fill-in-the-blank photo-card with its answer card to complete the analogy. 160 cards (3"x5"). Includes instructions, game ideas, and an answer key. Boxed. All Ages.
Students learn to identify and describe everyday objects. Students will practice matching objects with their primary function. You wash your hands with these – soap and water. You write with it – pencil. 56 cards (28 match-up pairs) in a sturdy tin. 3" x 4". Ages 5 and Up.
We revised our best-selling Webber Photo Occupations with 31 pairs of beautiful, NEW color photographs! 62 cards total. These card pairs are ideal for language or writing activities and for playing Memory, Match-up, Go Fish, and other games. New photos represent the same occupations as in the original deck. Content cards and game ideas in English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese. 3" x 4". Ages 3 and Up
62 new pairs (124 total) of beautiful and crisp color photo scenes have updated the verbs in the original deck (3" x 4"). Verb list is the same as the original deck. Play Memory, Match-Up, Go Fish games, and more! 124 photo cards total. All Ages. Content and game ideas in English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese.
208 playing cards (3" x 4") with social skills questions, Secret Decoder, and answers. Four 52-card decks address Basic Skills, Classroom Skills, Peer Interaction Skills, and Adult Interaction Skills. Instructions, and game ideas. Boxed. Grades 3-12.
100 photo cards with 6 follow-up questions help children improve inferencing skills. Topics include Associations, Identify the Setting, Part to Whole. Game ideas and content cards. 5" x 7". Grades K and up.
134 extra-large (4" x 6") cards with newly-revised photos to prompt students to tell or write a story. 67 vertical and 67 horizontal scenes. Content cards in six languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese. Boxed. Grades 3 & Up.
48 color photo lotto game boards (8½" x 11"). 6 categories: Sequencing, Predicting, Classifying, What Doesn't Belong, Inferencing, and Analogies. 192 game cards, 32 cards per category. Plastic chips. Grades 1 and Up. 1 to 8 players.
40 double-sided communication boards and 240 picture cards using Picture Communication Symbols to help teach receptive and expressive skills. Allows students with autism or language delays to participate. Includes 72-page activity workbook, tokens, and spinner. Activities illustrate and present 20 popular children's stories. Storybooks not included. Grades PreK and Up.
56 (3" x 4") photo cards to teach what doesn't belong. All ages. Content cards in 6 languages English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese. Metal tin.
62 (31 pairs) of 3" x 4" photo cards to teach animals. All ages. Content cards in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese. Metal tin.
62 (31 pairs) of 3" x 4" photo cards to teach things around the home. All ages. Content cards in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese. Metal tin.
62 (31 pairs) of 3" x 4" photo cards to teach everyday go-togethers. All ages. Content cards in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese. Metal tin.
62 (31 pairs) of 3" x 4" photo cards to teach foods. All ages. Content cards in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese. Metal tin.
62 (31 pairs) of 3" x 4" photo cards to teach thigns to wear. All ages. Content cards in 6 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese. Metal tin.
Students develop inferencing skills using 100 clear color photo cards and prompts. Students draw a conclusion about something not clearly stated, based on what they already know about the situation. 5"x 7". Boxed. Grades K and Up.