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Sensory Products for Autism
36" x 6" soft, weighted neck wrap provides deep pressure touch while helping students self-regulate. 2 lbs. Wrap is filled with safe plastic pellets. Ages 4 and up.
3 neon-colored, oval-shaped pressure brushes for tactile input. 3½ " x 2½ " x 2". Latex free. All ages with adult supervision only.
2 vibrating wands with two screw on, durable plastic, interchangeable facial/oral massager heads. Bat is 4" x 2 ½" tall. Fish is 2 ¾" x 2 ½" tall. Base is 6 ¼" x 1 ¼". No latex. Turn dial to regulate intensity. Includes 2 AA batteries and storage tin. Grades PreK and up.
76-page resource book with multi-level worksheet activities for improving movement and balance (vestibular); movement and resistance (proprioception); oral-motor; tactile; and visual-auditory-olfactory skills. Improves a child's focus, concentration, coordination, and organization. Companion to Super Duper Sensory Diet Cards. Print color or black/white pages. Grades PreK and Up.
55 Exercise Cards and 12 Teaching Cards to help children regulate their sensory systems. Five sensory categories to help them get "just right". Grades PreK and up. Ages 4 & Up. Introduction, Content, and Game Idea Cards. Tin box. 70 Cards Total
Personal massager with five different textured interchangeable massage tips. Instructions and batteries included. For the child who is hypo-sensitive. Grades PreK and up.
Hand-held mini massager (4" long) with two interchangeable heads to supply different textures. Battery and metal box included. Use to increase facial muscle tone. Clean with mild soap and water. Grades PreK and up.
Theo the Therapy Dog is a lovable and cuddly friend that can provide a sense of security to children with sensory input needs. Unique textures on Theo's paw-pads, beads, eyes, and nose allow for tactile exploration. A slightly heavy weight (2.5 pounds), provides deep pressure stimulation. Hot/cold pack in tummy can be removed, then heated or chilled.
Touch, squeeze, explore, and observe with Sensory Playtivity's Sensory Discs! These 5" diameter Sensory Discs provide captivating and soothing tactile and visual sensory experiences for early learners or for individuals with special needs. Set of 5.
4 red, 12 mm stem, washable, non-toxic, latex-free, FDA approved chewy tubes. Ages 10 months to Adult.
This vibrating pillow provides the tactile input some children often need or crave, particularly children with sensory processing disorders or sensory integration dysfunction. All ages. 10" x 10" x 3". Blue, vinyl square. 3 lbs. Cordless. Batteries included.
2 green, safe, washable, non-toxic, and latex-free knobby tubes with small, round textured bumps on the 12 mm stem to provide extra tactile input when placed in the mouth. Use to encourage biting and chewing. Grades PreK and up.
3 yards of medium resistance, latex-free stretchy tubing to provide sensory feedback for biting and chewing, improving jaw stabilization, and improving lip rounding in blowing and sucking activities. Grades PreK and up.
1 red and 1 yellow washable, non-toxic, latex-free, and FDA approved chewy tubes. Yellow tube has a smaller stem size (9mm); red is slightly wider (12 mm) stem. Ages 10 months- Adult.
Four gently-colored blue Flourescent Light Filters tone down harsh glare and create a more calming environment. Filters attach to standard ceiling panels with super-strong, built-in magnets. 2' x 4' panels are heat resistant and flame retardant.