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Self-Help Skills / ADLs for Autism
Webber Activities of Daily Living Photo Sequencing Cards
Webber Activities of Daily Living Photo Sequencing Cards provide helpful step-by-step visuals and written/verbal prompts to use while teaching 20 self-care activities and routines that are vital for everyday life using full-color, 4" x 6" photographs. Includes 20 Six-Step Daily Activities (120 Cards), 20 Single-Instruction Cards, Basic/Expanded Directions for each photo card, and Instruction & Teaching Guide.
167 pages of over 76, six-step sequencing activities in eight categories to teach daily living skills:Meal Time; Household Chores; Entertainment; Safety; School; Hygiene; Retail; and Transportation. Includes activities and extension ideas. Grades K and Up.
Hand puppet (4" x 5" x 4") to teach anatomy of the oral mechanism, oral hygiene, and placement of the articulators for producing speech sounds. 7" Toothbrush included. Latex free. Grades PreK and Up.
Latex finger puppet (2¾" x 2¾") to help teach tongue placement. Open and close the mouth and manipulate the tongue. Grades PreK-5.
Magnetic game board (14" x 18") with 48 photo tiles (1 1/4" up to 2"). 1-4 players. Game ideas and plastic tote. Grades PreK and up.
3" square visual timer with optional audible signal. The soft beep signals time is up, and the red disc disappears. Battery included. Grades PreK and Up.
40, ready-to-use, rebus-supported lessons have just the right amount of detail for preschool and early primary students. Customize lessons by adding student-specific information, editing the text, and using photographs in place of generic pictures in the book. There are instructional lessons for small groups and behavioral lessons for targeting social skills of individuals. 62 pages. Grades PreK-3.
Autism & PDD Primary Social Skills Lessons is a 5-book set of ready-to-use lessons for individuals or small groups. The 40, one-page, rebus-supported activities in each book help younger students understand and use appropriate behavior and social skills. 315 pages. Grades PreK-3. Ages 4-8.
Five-book set. Each book has 40 ready-to-use, one-page lessons. Customize instructional and behavioral lessons to teach students what to say and do in social situations that are sometimes are overwhelming. 5-book Set: Picture Indexes, Behavior Tracking and Behavior Analysis forms, Progress Records. 62 pages per book. Grade 7- Adult.