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Programs for Autism
Instructional Activity Program to teach 54 basic concept pairs assessed in the Wiig Assessment of Basic Concepts® (WABC). 52 colorful concept boards, a 224-page reproducible workbook, instructional sheets, reinforcers, dry erase markers, and a copy of the game board for take home practice. Grades PreK-3.
Children's book to help parents and teachers explain autism to a young child. The Resource Guide includes a definition of autism and practical strategies for coping at home and at school. Grades PreK-3.
66-page book to chart developmental milestones of children ages 2;6 to 6. Areas include gross motor language, perception, and more! Includes developmental checklists, reproducible checklists, and bonus awards. Folder-book. Grades PreK-1.
25 informational and activity-based handouts to educate parents and teachers about early language development. Birth-PreK.
My Child Has Autism: What Parents Need to Know explains autism in simple terms, discusses the major characteristics associated with autism, and offers simple strategies for helping children with autism function in their homes, at school, and in the community. 5" x 8", 160 pages, softcover.
Inspire active learning at home, school, or on the go with our new Parent Packs! Alphabet & Printing Pack includes: Alphabet Pocket Flash Cards, Learning to Print Wipe-Off® Book, I Can Print Wipe-Off® Book, Alphabet Fun Wipe-Off® Book, 1 Black Dry-Erase Pen, 1 Dry-Erase Eraser, 1 Drawstring Backpack.
182-page interdisciplinary study of diagnosis and treatment of children with autism. Extensive research and personal experiences of educators and private practice clinicians who share practical and useful information. For professionals and parents. (2007).
The STAR Program-Levels I, II, and III are part of a comprehensive program based on Applied Behavioral Analysis, using Discrete Trial (DT), Pivotal Response (PRT), and Functional Routine (FR) training strategies. The STAR Program helps students with autism and other developmental disabilities master receptive, expressive, and spontaneous language; functional skills; pre-academic concepts; and play and social interaction concepts. PreK and Up. All ages.